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Open Star Cluster M41
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Gallery of Astrophotographs
By P Freeman

Pat Freeman-in Galaxies

My name in galaxies courtesy of http://mygalaxies.co.uk/ 

2014 public stargazes at Keehner Park (West Chester, Ohio):

April 5, 2014 (rain-date April 26)

May 17, 2014 (rain-date May 24)

September 6, 2014 (rain-date September 13)


2014 public stargazes at Caesar Creek State Park (Ohio):

June 7, 2014 (Campground)

July 5, 2014 (Campground)

August 9, 2014 (Beach) METEOR SHOWER CAMP-OUT



2014 public stargazes at Cowan Lake State Park (Ohio):

June 6, 2014 (Campground Beach)

July 4, 2014 (Campground Beach)


Most Recent Astrophotos

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From May, 2014:      
Magnitude -8 Iridium
Flare in Hercules
The Summer Triangle Galaxies M81 & M82 The Leo Trio

Rho Ophiuchi Nebula M16 - The Eagle Nebula 8 Meteors Over 4 Hours Supernova in M106

M20 - The Trifid Nebula      

From March/April, 2014:
Scorpius -
The Scorpion
The Teapot and
the Scorpion
Leo - the Lion Gemini -
The Twins

Centaurus -
the Centaur
Spiral Galaxy
Supernova SN2014J
in M82
Twin Quasar with
Spiral Galaxy NGC3079

The Southern
Pinwheel - M83
The Hunter and
His Dog
The Big and
Little Dippers
The Charioteer -

The Crow and
the Cup
Galaxy Group
Hickson 44
Comet C2012K1 -
The Whirlpool
Galaxy - M51

Spiral Galaxy - M101 Spiral Galaxy - NGC2903 The Sombrero Galaxy Jupiter 4/3/14

Mars 4/3/14 Saturn 4/3/14 Jupiter 4/3/14 Mars 4/19/14

Saturn 4/19/14      

From December, 2013:
Comet Lovejoy The Medusa Nebula The Coccoon Nebula The Crescent Nebula

The Rosette Nebula Spiral Galaxies
M65 & M66
The Crab Nebula  

From November, 2013:
The Medusa Nebula Comet Lovejoy Comet ISON  

Spiral Galaxy NGC2683 Comet Lovejoy Comet ISON  

From September, 2013:
The Bubble Nebula      

From August, 2013:
Corona Borealis
(Northern Crown)
in Sagittarius

From July, 2013:
The Coathanger NGC7000 -
North America

From April, 2013:
NGC3109 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC5033 -
Spiral Galaxy

From March, 2013:

NGC2736 -
Herschel's Ray
NGC5746 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC3109 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC2841 -
Spiral Galaxy

Comet C2011-L4
Crescent Moon
with Earthshine
NGC5033 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC5866 -
Spiral Galaxy

NGC5084 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC2997 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC3726 -
Spiral Galaxy
M78 Region
In Orion

M101 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC4490 -
The Cocoon Galaxy
NGC4725 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC5078 -
Spiral Galaxy

From November, 2012:
NGC157 -
Spiral Galaxy
M74 -
Spiral Galaxy
M76 - The Little
Dumbbell Nebula
Supernova 2012fr
in NGC1365

NGC1513 -
Open Cluster
IC1727 / NGC672 - 
Spiral Galaxies
NGC253 - The
Sculptor Galaxy
NGC509/518/524/532 - 
Spiral Galaxies

Galaxies in Pisces NGC7180/7184/7185/
7188 - Spiral Galaxies
NGC2169 -
The "37" Cluster
NGC2264 - The
Christmas Tree Cluster

M31 - The
Andromeda Galaxy
IC405 - The
Flaming Star Nebula
IC443 - The
Jellyfish Nebula
NGC6992 - The
Eastern Veil Nebula

From October, 2012:
Comet 168: /
The Crab Nebula
M42 -
The Orion Nebula

From September, 2012:
NGC281 -
The Pac-Man Nebula
M8 and M20 -
The Lagoon and
Trifid Nebulae
Nebulosity in Region
of Sadr

From August, 2012:
Pluto - 8/17/12      

From July, 2012:
Saturn - 7/7/12      

From June, 2012:

w/Canon 60Da
DSLR camera
(comparison with
Canon 50Dh
DSLR Camera)
NGC6384 -
Spiral Galaxy
FIRST LIGHT w/Celestron
EdgeHD 0.7 Focal Reducer:
NGC6992-The Eastern
Veil Nebula
FIRST LIGHT w/Celestron
EdgeHD 0.7 Focal Reducer:
M20 -
The Trifid Nebulaa

From May, 2012:
NGC5899 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC5183/NGC5184 -
Spiral Galaxies
NGC4762 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC4236 -
Spiral Galaxy

From March, 2012:

Comet C2009P1-
NGC4274 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC4666 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC4725 -
Spiral Galaxy

NGC2362 -
Open Cluster
NGC2736 -
Herschel's Ray
NGC3621 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC6217 -
Barred-Spiral Galaxy

NGC2903 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC4216, NGC4206,
NGC4222 -
Spiral Galaxies
NGC5965, NGC5963 -
Spiral Galaxies
NGC3631 -
Spiral Galaxy

NGC5746 -
Spiral Galaxy
M76 - The Little
Dumbbell Nebula
NGC3198 -
Barred-Spiral Galaxy
M104 - The
Sombrero Galaxy

NGC5426, NGC5427 -
Spiral Galaxies
NGC3726 -
Barred-Spiral Galaxy
NGC4236 -
Spiral Galaxy
SN2012aw in M95

SH2-249 and IC443 -
Emission Nebulae
NGC2818 -
Planetary Nebula

From November, 2011:

NGC185 -
Elliptical Galaxy
NGC1023 -
Elliptical Galaxy
IC2118 - The Witch
Head Nebula
Central Orion Region

NGC772 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC936 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC2683 -
Spiral Galaxy
Deneb Region

The Hyades -
Open Star Cluster
Double Cluster Region NGC210 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC288 -
Globuar Cluster

NGC2339 -
Spiral Galaxy
Abell 21 -
The Medusa Nebula
NGC1073 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC134 -
Spiral Galaxy

NGC474/470 -
Spiral Galaxies
NGC7252 -
The Atoms for
Peace Galaxy
NGC1832 -
Spiral Galaxy
Arrow Cluster -
Diamond -
Kite -
Mini Coathanger -
"W" Cluster -

NGC1421 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC1954 -
Spiral Galaxy

From September, 2011:
Comet Garradd      

From August, 2011:
Comet Garradd
with M71
Abell 39 - Planetary Nebula Spiral Galaxy - M74 Nebulosity in Sadr Region
Supernova SN-PTF11kly
 in M101
M33 -
The Pinwheel Galaxy

From July, 2011:
Abell 39 - Planetary Nebula      

From June, 2011:

Supernova 2011DH
in Spiral Galaxy M51

From March/April, 2011:

M101- The Pinwheel Galaxy Spiral Galaxies - NGC3718
& NGC3729
Hubble's Variable
Nebula - NGC2261
NGC3628 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC5247 - Spiral Galaxy      

From November, 2010:

NGC1435 - The Merope
NGC1097 - Barred-Spiral
NGC1435 - The Merope
IC2177 - The Seagull

IC434/B33 - The
Horsehead Nebula
NGC3367 - Spiral Galaxy IC5067 - The Pelican
NGC2264 - The Christmas
Tree Cluster / Cone Nebula

NGC2237 - The Rosette
NGC908 - Spiral Galaxy NGC1365 - Barred-Spiral
NGC1398 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC3726 - Spiral Galaxy IC405 - The Flaming
Star Nebula
IC2118 - The Witch
Head Nebula
IC5146 - The Cocoon

M42 / NGC1977 - The Orion
 Nebula / Running
Man Nebula
NGC309 - Spiral Galaxy NGC895 - Spiral Galaxy NGC1337 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC1530 - Barred-Spiral
The Cone Nebula NGC578 - Spiral
NGC3423 - Spiral

NGC7424 - Barred-Spiral
IC10 - Irregular Galaxy M33 - The Pinwheel
M81 and M82 - Galaxies

NGC2359 - Thor's

From October, 2010:

Comet 103P/Hartley
with the Double Cluster
IC2118 - The
Witch Head Nebula
IC1396 Region in Cepheus NGC147 - Elliptical Galaxy

Comet 103P/Hartley M33 - The Pinwheel

From September, 2010:

  Open Cluster - M52 and
The Bubble Nebula
M24 - The Sagittarius
Star Cloud
Trifid Nebula - M20 and
Lagoon Nebula - M8

The Sun in H-Alpha The Sun in White Light Sunspots - White Light  

Trifid Nebula - M20 and
Lagoon Nebula - M8
M33 - The Pinwheel
IC405 - The Flaming
Star Nebula

From August,

NGC7635-THe Bubble Nebula in H-Alpha      

From July,

NGC6992-The Eastern
Veil Nebula

From April, 2010:

ST-8300M First Light: 
M101- The Pinwheel Galaxy
ST-8300M First Light: 
M51- The Whirlpool Galaxy
ST-8300M First Light: 
M13- The Hercules Cluster
ST-8300M First Light: 
M57- The Ring Nebula

NGC4169 - The Box Galaxy Group M101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy NGC4754 / NGC4762 - Spiral Galaxies NGC5044 Galaxy Group

NGC5746 - Spiral Galaxy Copeland's Septet - Galaxy Cluster NGC3184 - Spiral Galaxy NGC4565 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC3158 - Galaxy Group NGC4244 - Spiral Galaxy NGC6334 - Cat's Paw Nebula M82 - Irregular Galaxy

IC410 - Emission Nebula NGC4725 - Spiral Galaxy NGC6781 - Planetary Nebula NGC3628 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC4535 - Spiral Galaxy NGC4559 - Spiral Galaxy NGC4387 - Galaxy Group NGC4536 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC4656 - The Crowbar Galaxy NGC4274 - Spiral Galaxy NGC4631 - The Whale and Pup Galaxies NGC5907 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC6543 - The Cat's Eye Nebula NGC6826 - The Blinking Planetary Nebula    

From November, 2009:

Shuttle Atlantis STS-129 Launch 11/16/09      

NGC1333 - Reflection Nebula NGC1300 - Barred-Spiral Galaxy NGC2537 - The Bear Paw Galaxy IC342 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC2403 - Spiral Galaxy NGC225 - The Sailboat Cluster NGC1532 - Spiral Galaxy NGC7793 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC300 - Spiral Galaxy NGC6946 - Spiral Galaxy NGC1350 - Spiral Galaxy NGC2280 - Spiral Galaxy

IC1848 - The Baby Nebula IC410 & NGC1893 - Nebula & Open Cluster IC405 - The Flaming Star Nebula Cassiopeia Wide-Field

Auriga Wide-Field Perseus Wide-Field Orion Wide-Field Canis Major Wide-Field

NGC613 - Barred-Spiral Galaxy NGC1316 - Fornax A Radio Source NGC210 - Barred-Spiral Galaxy NGC7814 - Spiral Galaxy

From August & September, 2009: 

Camera Filter Modification Before/After Comparison:  NGC6960 Camera Filter Modification Before/After Comparison:  NGC7635 Camera Filter Modification Before/After Comparison:  Crop from NGC7000  

Image-Size Comparison Between 8" and 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes:  M20 (Trifid Nebula) Image-Size Comparison Between 8" and 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes:  M33 (Pinwheel Galaxy)    

From June, 2009:

99% Full Moon (6/6/09) Flat-Field Comparison (M57)    

From May, 2009:

Sunset From 13,680 Feet on Mauna Kea The Southern Cross From 9,200 Feet on Mauna Kea Distant Observatories at Summit of  Mauna Kea  

From April, 2009:

Canon 20Da / 50D DSLR Comparison NGC4631 - The Whale Galaxy NGC2392 - The Eskimo Nebula M3 - Globular Cluster

From March 2009:

The Draco Trio M101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy NGC1851 - Globular Cluster Pazmino's Cluster

NGC1893 - Open Cluster with IC410 - Emission Nebula M81 - Spiral Galaxy NGC4302 / NGC4298 - Galaxy Pair M78 Region in Orion

M104 with Asterisms "Jaws" - "Stargate" Rho Ophiuchi Region IC4406 - The Retina Nebula NGC5139 - Omega Centauri

M13 - Globular Cluster M92 - Globular Cluster Globular Cluster Size Comparison  

From November 2008:

NGC1365 - Barred-Spiral Galaxy NGC6946 - Spiral Galaxy NGC891 - Edge-On-Spiral Galaxy NGC1232 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC2264 - The Cone Nebula and Christmas Tree Cluster NGC7023 - The Iris Nebula Abell 21 - The Medusa Nebula NGC247 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC1664 - The Kite Cluster NGC2266 - Open Cluster NGC2301 - Open Cluster NGC2353 - Open Cluster

NGC2439 - Open Cluster NGC2506 - Open Cluster NGC752 - Open Cluster IC2177 - The Seagull Nebula

M45 - The Pleiades M42 / NGC1977 - The Orion Nebula and Running Man Nebula    

From March 2008:

M78 - Reflection Nebula M98 - Spiral Galaxy M91 - Spiral Galaxy M85 - Elliptical Galaxy

M94 - Spiral Galaxy M49 - Elliptical Galaxy M58 - Spiral Galaxy M87 - Elliptical Galaxy

M89 - Elliptical Galaxy M90 - Spiral Galaxy NGC5866 - Spiral Galaxy M59 / M60 - Elliptical Galaxies

M8 - The Lagoon Nebula M1 - The Crab Nebula M24 - The Sagittarius Star Cloud M8 - The Lagoon Nebula

From December 2007:

Mars 12/25/07