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Open Star Cluster M41
in Canis Major



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Gallery of Astrophotographs
By P Freeman

Pat Freeman-in Galaxies

My name in galaxies courtesy of http://mygalaxies.co.uk/ 


Most Recent Astrophotos
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Current Moon Phase
From November, 2019:      

Mercury Transit      

From November, 2018:

M31 Region M45 - The Pleiades NGC1499 NGC7000 -
The North America

The Double Cluster,
The Heart Nebula,
And The Soul Nebula

From July, 2018:

M8 and M20 -
The Lagoon and
Trifid Nebulae
The Double Cluster    
From November, 2017:      

The Pinwheel Galaxy (M33) The Horsehead and Flame IC1795 The Flaming Star Nebula

The Rosette Nebula IC1318 Region The California Nebula The Cocoon Nebula

IC59 / IC63 M78 Reflection Nebula Thor's Helmet  

From August, 2017:

Total Solar Eclipse Sequence Total Solar Eclipse
First Contact
Total Solar Eclipse
Total Solar Eclipse
Nearly Total

Total Solar Eclipse
with Prominences
(taken by Dana Willis)
Total Solar Eclipse
with Corona
(taken by Dana Willis)

From December, 2015:

The Flaming Star Nebula      

From November, 2015:

The Eskimo Nebula The Running Man Nebula Galaxy Group
Hickson 46
Galaxy Group
Hickson 99

The Pinwheel
Galaxy Group
Hickson 34
Galaxy Group
Hickson 96
Galaxy Group
(Stephan's Quintet)
Hickson 92

Spiral Galaxy NGC891 The Cygnus Region Dome and Stars  

From September, 2015:
"Supermoon" Lunar
Eclipse: September 27,

From April, 2015:
Star Trails (North) The Big Dipper Virgo and
Coma Berenices

From March, 2015:

Galaxy Group
Galaxy Group
Hickson 53
The Ghost of Jupiter The Owl Nebula

Galaxy Group
Hickson 51
Planetary Nebula IC2165 Galaxy Group
Hickson 33
Galaxy Group
Hickson 37

Galaxy Group
Hickson 67
Planetary Nebula NGC2438 Planetary Nebula NGC2440 Planetary Nebula HE2-126

Galaxy Group
Hickson 57
Galaxy Group
Hickson 58
Galaxy Group
Hickson 68
Planetary Nebula NGC2452

Planetary Nebula NGC2610 Planetary Nebula NGC6058    

From December, 2014:
Comet C/2014 Q2

From November, 2014:
Galaxy Group
Hickson 93
Galaxy Group
Hickson 21
Galaxy Group
Hickson 10
(with Asteroid 4820 Fay)
Planetary Nebula
Minkowski's Footprin

Planetary Nebula NGC1535 Planetary Nebula NGC1360 Galaxy Group
Hickson 88
Galaxy Group
Hickson 23

Galaxy Group
Hickson 16
Planetary Nebula NGC6891 Planetary Nebula Abell 12 Planetary Nebula NGC2392 -
The Eskimo Nebula

Double Cluster Region The Hyades The Beehive Cluster Region Orion's Belt Region

Galaxy Group
Hickson 100
Galaxy Group
Hickson 22
Galaxy Group
Hickson 30
Planetary Nebula
PK 163 +33.1

Planetary Nebula
 NGC2371 / NGC2372
Planetary Nebula IC418 The Moon 11/27/2014 Galaxy Group
Hickson 7

Planetary Nebula IC351 Planetary Nebula NGC2346 Planetary Nebula IC289  

From October, 2014:
Planetary Nebula NGC1501 Planetary Nebula NGC7048 The Turtle Nebula Planetary Nebula NGC6852

The Cheeseburger Nebula Planetary Nebula NGC2022    

From September, 2014:
Planetary Nebula NGC40 Planetary Nebula NGC7008 Planetary Nebula NGC1514 The Saturn Nebula

Planetary Nebula NGC7027 The Cat's Eye Nebula The Blinking
Planetary Nebula
The Blue Snowball

Campbell's Hydrogen Star      

From May, 2014:
Magnitude -8 Iridium
Flare in Hercules
The Summer Triangle Galaxies M81 & M82 The Leo Trio

Rho Ophiuchi Nebula M16 - The Eagle Nebula 8 Meteors Over 4 Hours Supernova in M106

M20 - The Trifid Nebula      

From March/April, 2014:
Scorpius -
The Scorpion
The Teapot and
the Scorpion
Leo - the Lion Gemini -
The Twins

Centaurus -
the Centaur
Spiral Galaxy
Supernova SN2014J
in M82
Twin Quasar with
Spiral Galaxy NGC3079

The Southern
Pinwheel - M83
The Hunter and
His Dog
The Big and
Little Dippers
The Charioteer -

The Crow and
the Cup
Galaxy Group
Hickson 44
Comet C2012K1 -
The Whirlpool
Galaxy - M51

Spiral Galaxy - M101 Spiral Galaxy - NGC2903 The Sombrero Galaxy Jupiter 4/3/14

Mars 4/3/14 Saturn 4/3/14 Jupiter 4/3/14 Mars 4/19/14

Saturn 4/19/14      

From December, 2013:
Comet Lovejoy The Medusa Nebula The Coccoon Nebula The Crescent Nebula

The Rosette Nebula Spiral Galaxies
M65 & M66
The Crab Nebula  

From November, 2013:
The Medusa Nebula Comet Lovejoy Comet ISON  

Spiral Galaxy NGC2683 Comet Lovejoy Comet ISON  

From September, 2013:
The Bubble Nebula      

From August, 2013:
Corona Borealis
(Northern Crown)
in Sagittarius

From July, 2013:
The Coathanger NGC7000 -
North America

From April, 2013:
NGC3109 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC5033 -
Spiral Galaxy

From March, 2013:

NGC2736 -
Herschel's Ray
NGC5746 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC3109 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC2841 -
Spiral Galaxy

Comet C2011-L4
Crescent Moon
with Earthshine
NGC5033 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC5866 -
Spiral Galaxy

NGC5084 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC2997 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC3726 -
Spiral Galaxy
M78 Region
In Orion

M101 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC4490 -
The Cocoon Galaxy
NGC4725 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC5078 -
Spiral Galaxy

From November, 2012:
NGC157 -
Spiral Galaxy
M74 -
Spiral Galaxy
M76 - The Little
Dumbbell Nebula
Supernova 2012fr
in NGC1365

NGC1513 -
Open Cluster
IC1727 / NGC672 - 
Spiral Galaxies
NGC253 - The
Sculptor Galaxy
NGC509/518/524/532 - 
Spiral Galaxies

Galaxies in Pisces NGC7180/7184/7185/
7188 - Spiral Galaxies
NGC2169 -
The "37" Cluster
NGC2264 - The
Christmas Tree Cluster

M31 - The
Andromeda Galaxy
IC405 - The
Flaming Star Nebula
IC443 - The
Jellyfish Nebula
NGC6992 - The
Eastern Veil Nebula

From October, 2012:
Comet 168: /
The Crab Nebula
M42 -
The Orion Nebula

From September, 2012:
NGC281 -
The Pac-Man Nebula
M8 and M20 -
The Lagoon and
Trifid Nebulae
Nebulosity in Region
of Sadr

From August, 2012:
Pluto - 8/17/12      

From July, 2012:
Saturn - 7/7/12      

From June, 2012:

w/Canon 60Da
DSLR camera
(comparison with
Canon 50Dh
DSLR Camera)
NGC6384 -
Spiral Galaxy
FIRST LIGHT w/Celestron
EdgeHD 0.7 Focal Reducer:
NGC6992-The Eastern
Veil Nebula
FIRST LIGHT w/Celestron
EdgeHD 0.7 Focal Reducer:
M20 -
The Trifid Nebulaa

From May, 2012:
NGC5899 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC5183/NGC5184 -
Spiral Galaxies
NGC4762 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC4236 -
Spiral Galaxy

From March, 2012:

Comet C2009P1-
NGC4274 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC4666 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC4725 -
Spiral Galaxy

NGC2362 -
Open Cluster
NGC2736 -
Herschel's Ray
NGC3621 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC6217 -
Barred-Spiral Galaxy

NGC2903 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC4216, NGC4206,
NGC4222 -
Spiral Galaxies
NGC5965, NGC5963 -
Spiral Galaxies
NGC3631 -
Spiral Galaxy

NGC5746 -
Spiral Galaxy
M76 - The Little
Dumbbell Nebula
NGC3198 -
Barred-Spiral Galaxy
M104 - The
Sombrero Galaxy

NGC5426, NGC5427 -
Spiral Galaxies
NGC3726 -
Barred-Spiral Galaxy
NGC4236 -
Spiral Galaxy
SN2012aw in M95

SH2-249 and IC443 -
Emission Nebulae
NGC2818 -
Planetary Nebula

From November, 2011:

NGC185 -
Elliptical Galaxy
NGC1023 -
Elliptical Galaxy
IC2118 - The Witch
Head Nebula
Central Orion Region

NGC772 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC936 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC2683 -
Spiral Galaxy
Deneb Region

The Hyades -
Open Star Cluster
Double Cluster Region NGC210 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC288 -
Globuar Cluster

NGC2339 -
Spiral Galaxy
Abell 21 -
The Medusa Nebula
NGC1073 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC134 -
Spiral Galaxy

NGC474/470 -
Spiral Galaxies
NGC7252 -
The Atoms for
Peace Galaxy
NGC1832 -
Spiral Galaxy
Arrow Cluster -
Diamond -
Kite -
Mini Coathanger -
"W" Cluster -

NGC1421 -
Spiral Galaxy
NGC1954 -
Spiral Galaxy

From September, 2011:
Comet Garradd      

From August, 2011:
Comet Garradd
with M71
Abell 39 - Planetary Nebula Spiral Galaxy - M74 Nebulosity in Sadr Region
Supernova SN-PTF11kly
 in M101
M33 -
The Pinwheel Galaxy

From July, 2011:
Abell 39 - Planetary Nebula      

From June, 2011:

Supernova 2011DH
in Spiral Galaxy M51

From March/April, 2011:

M101- The Pinwheel Galaxy Spiral Galaxies - NGC3718
& NGC3729
Hubble's Variable
Nebula - NGC2261
NGC3628 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC5247 - Spiral Galaxy      

From November, 2010:

NGC1435 - The Merope
NGC1097 - Barred-Spiral
NGC1435 - The Merope
IC2177 - The Seagull

IC434/B33 - The
Horsehead Nebula
NGC3367 - Spiral Galaxy IC5067 - The Pelican
NGC2264 - The Christmas
Tree Cluster / Cone Nebula

NGC2237 - The Rosette
NGC908 - Spiral Galaxy NGC1365 - Barred-Spiral
NGC1398 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC3726 - Spiral Galaxy IC405 - The Flaming
Star Nebula
IC2118 - The Witch
Head Nebula
IC5146 - The Cocoon

M42 / NGC1977 - The Orion
 Nebula / Running
Man Nebula
NGC309 - Spiral Galaxy NGC895 - Spiral Galaxy NGC1337 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC1530 - Barred-Spiral
The Cone Nebula NGC578 - Spiral
NGC3423 - Spiral

NGC7424 - Barred-Spiral
IC10 - Irregular Galaxy M33 - The Pinwheel
M81 and M82 - Galaxies

NGC2359 - Thor's

From October, 2010:

Comet 103P/Hartley
with the Double Cluster
IC2118 - The
Witch Head Nebula
IC1396 Region in Cepheus NGC147 - Elliptical Galaxy

Comet 103P/Hartley M33 - The Pinwheel

From September, 2010:

M45 - The Pleiades Open Cluster - M52 and
The Bubble Nebula
M24 - The Sagittarius
Star Cloud
Trifid Nebula - M20 and
Lagoon Nebula - M8

The Sun in H-Alpha The Sun in White Light Sunspots - White Light  

Trifid Nebula - M20 and
Lagoon Nebula - M8
M33 - The Pinwheel
IC405 - The Flaming
Star Nebula

From August,

NGC7635-THe Bubble Nebula in H-Alpha      

From July,

NGC6992-The Eastern
Veil Nebula

From April, 2010:

ST-8300M First Light: 
M101- The Pinwheel Galaxy
ST-8300M First Light: 
M51- The Whirlpool Galaxy
ST-8300M First Light: 
M13- The Hercules Cluster
ST-8300M First Light: 
M57- The Ring Nebula

NGC4169 - The Box Galaxy Group M101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy NGC4754 / NGC4762 - Spiral Galaxies NGC5044 Galaxy Group

NGC5746 - Spiral Galaxy Copeland's Septet - Galaxy Cluster NGC3184 - Spiral Galaxy NGC4565 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC3158 - Galaxy Group NGC4244 - Spiral Galaxy NGC6334 - Cat's Paw Nebula M82 - Irregular Galaxy

IC410 - Emission Nebula NGC4725 - Spiral Galaxy NGC6781 - Planetary Nebula NGC3628 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC4535 - Spiral Galaxy NGC4559 - Spiral Galaxy NGC4387 - Galaxy Group NGC4536 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC4656 - The Crowbar Galaxy NGC4274 - Spiral Galaxy NGC4631 - The Whale and Pup Galaxies NGC5907 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC6543 - The Cat's Eye Nebula NGC6826 - The Blinking Planetary Nebula    

From November, 2009:

Shuttle Atlantis STS-129 Launch 11/16/09      

NGC1333 - Reflection Nebula NGC1300 - Barred-Spiral Galaxy NGC2537 - The Bear Paw Galaxy IC342 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC2403 - Spiral Galaxy NGC225 - The Sailboat Cluster NGC1532 - Spiral Galaxy NGC7793 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC300 - Spiral Galaxy NGC6946 - Spiral Galaxy NGC1350 - Spiral Galaxy NGC2280 - Spiral Galaxy

IC1848 - The Baby Nebula IC410 & NGC1893 - Nebula & Open Cluster IC405 - The Flaming Star Nebula Cassiopeia Wide-Field

Auriga Wide-Field Perseus Wide-Field Orion Wide-Field Canis Major Wide-Field

NGC613 - Barred-Spiral Galaxy NGC1316 - Fornax A Radio Source NGC210 - Barred-Spiral Galaxy NGC7814 - Spiral Galaxy